Website Du Jour – Threadflip

Everyone has a few items in their closet that never quite made it into circulation. Maybe you never found the occasion for it, or never got the courage to wear that plunging neck line even though you look damn good (shout out to my friend Courtney), or you keep putting it on but then trade it for something else at the last minute. It happens to everyone.


Threadflip is the new website that is meant to help you clear out your closet by offering an online interface for buying and selling fashion items…although you might end up buying more than you sell.

I expected to see a collection on dingy old items from the ’80s and a sprinkling of “garments” from Sears or Kmart, as I’ve come to expect from thrift stores in my area. However, too my surprise (and excitement), this website has attracted a plethora of fashionistas whose unwanted closet items include everything from Urban Outfitters and Zara to Louboutin, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, and Chanel.

Check them out after signing up by clicking on my invitation link…and once you have an account you can invite your friends for discounts! Gotta love that.

Happy Shopping =)



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