Splurge and Steal – Missoni Ballet Flats

Okay, Okay, two Splurge and Steals in a row isn’t exactly fufilling the requirements that go with the title of this blog … but these are gorgeous and I simply have to call them to your attention. You see, I don’t get my first pay check from my Summer job until Friday, and by then these puppies could be sold out, so it’s up to you to snag this deal. Even if they weren’t sold out, I’ve already reserved my major purchase for a pair of Hunter boots.

Why am I buying a pair of $135 rain boots you ask? Quite frankly I’m tired of my crappy $25 boots falling apart after just one season (if your feet get wet it defeats the whole purpose of even wearing them). Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m hoping the Queen’s stamp of approval on this product actually means something, and at last my feet will not be compromised every time I decide to go puddle jumping.

Now that I’ve gone off on a small rant, you can check out these flats. They were $495, now $148.50 (that’s 70% off!) on ShopBop.

Happy Sunday!



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