All The Right Questions

I often scan through those “ask a stylist” features in magazines in the hopes that the questions asked and the advice given will be helpful…alas I often get something along the lines of:

Question: “I know my crocs are ugly, but they’re so comfy! Do I have to get rid of them?”

Advice: “… YES.”

Needless to say, this is not useful.

Luckily, the more fashion conscious can find relevant questions and answers from Nicole Chavez, the stylist currently dishing out advice for WhoWhatWear. She covers everything from how to pull off dunks, to what to wear to work on a scorching Summer day. Below is a great piece on how to spice up a basic striped tee. Enjoy!

My Breton stripe top is one of my favorite things in my wardrobe, but I tend to always wear it with the same jeans. Can you give me some more fashionable suggestions of what to style it with?”

A simple, striped t-shirt is one of those wardrobe necessities every woman should own because it’s a truly versatile piece. While, yes, this top looks so cute with traditional blue denim, I also love how it looks with pop-of-color jeans—like bright red or yellow—or styled even more casually with your favorite cutoffs and a vintage belt. In addition to working with your casual weekend pieces, you can definitely style the striped t-shirt with dressier items too. One way to make the shirt feel very of-the-moment is to wear it with a rose-print or floral pencil skirt, or even one in mustard yellow if you’re not quite ready to mix and match prints. Another option is to go for whitewide-leg trousers or wide-leg jeans and a pair of neutral wedges. The overall effect will be very French and terribly chic—just what you want from a t-shirt! “

Have a stylish weekend!

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