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As some of you may recall, I decided to go rogue on an old denim jacket of mine while going a little cabin-crazy in Maine (flashback here) … and then, true to form, forgot about the half completed project for some time.  Does anyone else have this problem? Anyway, since it’s my last week of Summer before moving back in to school, I’ve been wrapping up projects left and right. That’s right, the vest is complete! I feel a triumphant horn would be suitable here but, alas, that is not possible in a blog post.

Check out the pictures below of the vest soaking in bleach (you can see the bottom starting to lighten), the finished product, and the finished product layered over one of my many button downs. It’s a little too hot to wear layers now, but I can’t wait break it out once Fall arrives!

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With the release of Louboutin’s interpretation of Cinderella’s glass slippers (to honor the diamond edition of the Disney movie) back in July, came an onslaught of other designer interpretations. They couldn’t let Christian get all the glory after all, right?

Among them are Maison Martin Margiela, definitely marking the most expensive pair at almost 10 grand … and that’s for only one of the shoes. That’s right, the pair will cost you close to 20 thousand dollars! Needless to say, being that this pair is actually made from glass, they are for display purposes only. If you’d like to check out a more wearable (and certainly more affordable, although not necessarily actually affordable) version, then Marc Jacobs has a PVC version with a lucite heel for $595.

Now, while I do love looking at these, and love the idea that they are the end-all to neutral shoes, I can’t help but wonder how attractive they would actually be on my feet. Imagining my toes squished and gasping for air while they sweat in plastic and get blisters is not exactly the most attractive image to top off a perfectly executed outfit. A perfect pedicure would be a must, but even then I’m not sure they could ever really work. The only picture I was able to come up with of them on a model included ankle socks, and I’m not sure that’s making the issue any better.

That’s why I think the perfect solution is the silver finish leather pump, as seen by numerous shoe-gods, including the likes of Jimmy Choo ($650), Giuseppe Zanotti ($650), and Manolo Blahnik ($595). Not only is this a great staple for your shoe wardrobe, but it goes with everything and adds a little kick (excuse the pun) to your outfit. You can wear it with your gown to the ball or with your ripped boyfriend jeans and a chunky sweater to your family’s christmas party … and that’s what makes them my favorite.

And for the every day Cinderella on a budget, my favorite pair would be these Zigi Soho Lunar Metallic Pumps, found on DSW for just $60.

Have a great day!

When it comes to Summer, wedges are a comfortable and versatile staple. I’ve been a bit obsessed with looking for the perfect pair lately and I think I’ve finally found them. Check out this creative and structural pair by Donald J Pliner; they’d look great with everything from a sun dress to cut-offs and a T-shirt … and marked down from $315 to $85 makes them a steal too!

PS: the soles are purple!

Have a fantastic day =)