Back to School Shopping – 10 Trends for Fall

Apologies for posting few and far between lately, but I have officially moved in to my first apartment and started my senior year of college, which means I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to go to class, work, decorate, learn to cook, etc.  But now that a week has passed and I’ve started to master my independent activities of daily living, I finally have time to post about (what else) back to school shopping.

WhoWhatWear recently posted a video with their top ten trends for Fall; they are as follows:

1. Bordeaux Leather

2. Duo-tone

3. Neo-goth

4. Asian Flare

5. ’70s Prints

6. Baroque

7. Bejeweled

8. Sci-fi

9. Pantsuits

10. Military

And now for the video:

This may seem like an intimidating and wide spread list, but they actually do a great job styling each look and using pieces that are versatile, and that you may already have (like the pleated skirt that has been going long and strong for a couple seasons now).

Now, I’m definitely not suggesting you go out and buy a kimono and a pair of galaxy leggings. That would be a little ridiculous. But picking a few of the trends that you like and/or buying pieces that are more subtle and useful (and therefore more versatile – check out this Zara jacquard jacket) will definitely give your wardrobe the kick it needs to transition in to Fall.

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. – Check out the shopping guide for this video, there are a few pieces that are from affordable brands like H&M!


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