Why You Should Always Have an Outfit for Fashion Week

So many of you know that we are currently in the middle of New York Fashion Week. And while that usually sparks a week long frenzy of going online to watch the shows, stare at various Instagram accounts, and drool at street style blogs, I never actually considered that I could be at one of the shows … That is until last Friday morning.

I was wondering around my apartment, still half asleep, when my roommate (whose summer internship had taken her into the city for the By Misha runway show) suddenly texted me:

“I just found out I’m allowed to invite friends. Drop everything. Come to NYC.”


It turned out that even if I wanted to I couldn’t make it into New York quickly enough to catch the show, which was beyond disappointing. But in the hour I spent running around trying to pull a Tim Gunn and make-it-work, I was, of course, mostly panicking about my outfit.

What, I repeat, WHAT was I going to wear to my very first runway show at New York Fashion Week?! Something black would be the obvious go-to. Should I wear the strapless romper or the mini T shirt dress? What shoes? I can barely keep it together in heels … let alone on the streets of New York; would flats be acceptable? And the accessories … Oy vey. Thank god I had just done my laundry or I would have been extra screwed.

Anyway, my point is that you should always have something stylish and easy that can be put together on a moments notice. The ideal would be a glass case with a small collection from Bergdorf’s that you can break open with an axe on a moments notice. But, since that’s not probable for those of us on a budget, you can just take some inspiration from the street style pictures below (shot by Phil Oh for Vogue) and start constructing outfits. We might not all have a closet full of Balenciaga and Givenchy, but we can certainly throw a collar necklace over a slouchy sweater or pair a basic tank with an A-line skirt and some ankle boots!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a great day!


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