How to Get Six FREE Essie Nail Polishes

Some of you may have heard of Klout, the website that tracks your various social media accounts and gives you a score from 0-100 on how influential you are within your network. I joined a little while ago because, let’s face it, I was curious.  To be honest, it didn’t seem like anything special at first.

Then I realized there was a “perks” section. Hmmm. It turns out various companies collaborate with Klout to give away samples of products to users in their targeted demographic. You can claim whatever perks you qualify for and are not obligated to promote the company, etc., although that is obviously ideal for them, since they give away most items to people who hold a certain amount of “influence” over others.

Well it turns out I qualified for a sample of the Essie Fall collection of nail polishes, seen below, and all I had to do was have a score of at least 40 and have “beauty” listed as one of my categories of interest/influence. Check and double check. It says the samples will be here in 2-3 weeks, so let’s see what happens! Who doesn’t love free stuff, right?

Have a great weekend!


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