New Websites Du Jour: Bauble Bar and Lot18

So one of my last posts took some inspiration for a DIY project from a piece on a new website I found (thanks to several tweets by Nina Garcia) called Bauble Bar. I checked it out and whoa Nelly, they have some great jewelry and even better prices. Plus you get $10 off your first order. Needless to say I ordered the following pair of amazing earrings:

And for only $22 with my $10 off!

They also use a points system like Sephora, except with every dollar you spend you get a point, and with every 10 points you get a dollar off a future purchase. I could get used to that … and of course this is another website that rewards you a $15 credit for inviting friends, so sign up using my personal invitation link here, invite your friends, and spread the savings!

The other website I discovered (through Belle and Clive) is Lot18. Think of a typical flash sale website, but for wine. I’m not quite 21 yet, but again I’m hoping to pass along the savings in the hopes of earning some credit for my birthday coming up =). Wouldn’t that be nice? I guess I’ll see if it works: invitation link here.

Have a savings-filled day!


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