Target + Neiman Marcus +CFDA = Disappointment

First of all, apologies for going so long without posting anything. I’ve had a crazy exam filled couple of weeks and haven’t had time to procrastinate on WordPress like I usually do.

My busy schedule was actually why I was so excited to see the big reveal of the Target/Neiman Marcus/CFDA collaboration. Finally, after weeks of studying, something to look forward to. Something to make my weekend a little happier, right?


I was actually unpleasantly surprised to find that the majority of the collection, that was designed by fashion designers, wasn’t fashion at all.

Out of the 39 images released on Teen Vogue only 9 items were clothing. Another 7 were accessories. The rest of the items are mostly trinkets including but not limited to, a dog collar and leash from Oscar de la Renta ($39), cookie cutters from Band of Outsiders ($29), and a yoga mat from Diane von Furstenberg ($49).

As a regular Target costumer, I have to say that the items are not only somewhat useless, but seem over priced as well. Thirty dollars for a set of cookie cutters? Five HUNDRED dollars for a floral bike from Alice and Olivia? And another sixty dollars for a pink zebra print compact mirror from Judith Leiber … I repeat: pink zebra print. You have to be kidding me.

And what’s worse is that I only really liked three of the items from the clothes and accessories that were included. Most collaborators did stay true to their general asthetics, but seriously, what happened here? I love all of these designers, and yet it seems like their creativity turned in to half-ass-ery when it came to this collection.

Check out the images from the whole collection here and let me know what you think . Below are the items I liked and would consider purchasing: Oscar de la Renta Tote ($59), Lela Rose Top ($69), and Tracy Reese Top ($79).

1 comment
  1. Lindsay said:

    Definitely not a fan! I’m so disappointed Alice+Olivia didn’t contribute any clothing! Love their stuff…but no need for a $500 bike.

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