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First of all, apologies for going so long without posting anything. I’ve had a crazy exam filled couple of weeks and haven’t had time to procrastinate on WordPress like I usually do.

My busy schedule was actually why I was so excited to see the big reveal of the Target/Neiman Marcus/CFDA collaboration. Finally, after weeks of studying, something to look forward to. Something to make my weekend a little happier, right?


I was actually unpleasantly surprised to find that the majority of the collection, that was designed by fashion designers, wasn’t fashion at all.

Out of the 39 images released on Teen Vogue only 9 items were clothing. Another 7 were accessories. The rest of the items are mostly trinkets including but not limited to, a dog collar and leash from Oscar de la Renta ($39), cookie cutters from Band of Outsiders ($29), and a yoga mat from Diane von Furstenberg ($49).

As a regular Target costumer, I have to say that the items are not only somewhat useless, but seem over priced as well. Thirty dollars for a set of cookie cutters? Five HUNDRED dollars for a floral bike from Alice and Olivia? And another sixty dollars for a pink zebra print compact mirror from Judith Leiber … I repeat: pink zebra print. You have to be kidding me.

And what’s worse is that I only really liked three of the items from the clothes and accessories that were included. Most collaborators did stay true to their general asthetics, but seriously, what happened here? I love all of these designers, and yet it seems like their creativity turned in to half-ass-ery when it came to this collection.

Check out the images from the whole collection here and let me know what you think . Below are the items I liked and would consider purchasing: Oscar de la Renta Tote ($59), Lela Rose Top ($69), and Tracy Reese Top ($79).


So awhile back I posted about Klout and how to get free samples or “perks” using your influence online. The first perk I signed up for was for a sample of the Essie Fall collection, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I could have gotten anything from six full size bottles (as pictured on the website) to six packets of color to haphazardly squeeze onto one nail to test the color. Well today the results are in and … drum roll please … you get one free full size bottle! Apparently the color is assigned randomly because you aren’t given an option to choose, but I’m not complaining. I got a bottle of stylenomics, a deep emerald green and I can’t wait to try it!


Have a great day!

And now for the legal disclosure:
“I was given a free product or sample because I’m a Klout influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.”

So one of my last posts took some inspiration for a DIY project from a piece on a new website I found (thanks to several tweets by Nina Garcia) called Bauble Bar. I checked it out and whoa Nelly, they have some great jewelry and even better prices. Plus you get $10 off your first order. Needless to say I ordered the following pair of amazing earrings:

And for only $22 with my $10 off!

They also use a points system like Sephora, except with every dollar you spend you get a point, and with every 10 points you get a dollar off a future purchase. I could get used to that … and of course this is another website that rewards you a $15 credit for inviting friends, so sign up using my personal invitation link here, invite your friends, and spread the savings!

The other website I discovered (through Belle and Clive) is Lot18. Think of a typical flash sale website, but for wine. I’m not quite 21 yet, but again I’m hoping to pass along the savings in the hopes of earning some credit for my birthday coming up =). Wouldn’t that be nice? I guess I’ll see if it works: invitation link here.

Have a savings-filled day!

Apologies for posting few and far between lately, but I have officially moved in to my first apartment and started my senior year of college, which means I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to go to class, work, decorate, learn to cook, etc.  But now that a week has passed and I’ve started to master my independent activities of daily living, I finally have time to post about (what else) back to school shopping.

WhoWhatWear recently posted a video with their top ten trends for Fall; they are as follows:

1. Bordeaux Leather

2. Duo-tone

3. Neo-goth

4. Asian Flare

5. ’70s Prints

6. Baroque

7. Bejeweled

8. Sci-fi

9. Pantsuits

10. Military

And now for the video:

This may seem like an intimidating and wide spread list, but they actually do a great job styling each look and using pieces that are versatile, and that you may already have (like the pleated skirt that has been going long and strong for a couple seasons now).

Now, I’m definitely not suggesting you go out and buy a kimono and a pair of galaxy leggings. That would be a little ridiculous. But picking a few of the trends that you like and/or buying pieces that are more subtle and useful (and therefore more versatile – check out this Zara jacquard jacket) will definitely give your wardrobe the kick it needs to transition in to Fall.

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. – Check out the shopping guide for this video, there are a few pieces that are from affordable brands like H&M!

With the release of Louboutin’s interpretation of Cinderella’s glass slippers (to honor the diamond edition of the Disney movie) back in July, came an onslaught of other designer interpretations. They couldn’t let Christian get all the glory after all, right?

Among them are Maison Martin Margiela, definitely marking the most expensive pair at almost 10 grand … and that’s for only one of the shoes. That’s right, the pair will cost you close to 20 thousand dollars! Needless to say, being that this pair is actually made from glass, they are for display purposes only. If you’d like to check out a more wearable (and certainly more affordable, although not necessarily actually affordable) version, then Marc Jacobs has a PVC version with a lucite heel for $595.

Now, while I do love looking at these, and love the idea that they are the end-all to neutral shoes, I can’t help but wonder how attractive they would actually be on my feet. Imagining my toes squished and gasping for air while they sweat in plastic and get blisters is not exactly the most attractive image to top off a perfectly executed outfit. A perfect pedicure would be a must, but even then I’m not sure they could ever really work. The only picture I was able to come up with of them on a model included ankle socks, and I’m not sure that’s making the issue any better.

That’s why I think the perfect solution is the silver finish leather pump, as seen by numerous shoe-gods, including the likes of Jimmy Choo ($650), Giuseppe Zanotti ($650), and Manolo Blahnik ($595). Not only is this a great staple for your shoe wardrobe, but it goes with everything and adds a little kick (excuse the pun) to your outfit. You can wear it with your gown to the ball or with your ripped boyfriend jeans and a chunky sweater to your family’s christmas party … and that’s what makes them my favorite.

And for the every day Cinderella on a budget, my favorite pair would be these Zigi Soho Lunar Metallic Pumps, found on DSW for just $60.

Have a great day!

Today Target and Neiman Marcus announced a collaboration with 24 Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) designers to create a holidy collection, to be released on December 1st in both stores and online. If this hasn’t got you swooning already then let me add that the collection consists of 50+ items, is priced from $8-$500 (with most items under $60), AND “[their] teams worked closely with the designers to ensure each piece would impress. The details and materials include real leather and silk, hand beading, hand-blown glass and 18K gold.”

And now the list of designers:

Alice + Olivia


Band of Outsiders

Brian Atwood

Carolina Herrera

Derek Lam

Diane von Furstenberg

Eddie Borgo

Jason Wu

Judith Leiber

Lela Rose


Marc Jacobs

Oscar de la Renta

Philip Crangi

Prabal Gurung

Proenza Schouler

Rag & Bone

Robert Rodriguez



Thom Browne

Tory Burch

Tracy Reese

No images have been released yet, but an ad campaign is expected in the Fall.

“I can think of no better finale to CFDA’s 50th Anniversary celebration than through this extraordinary designer collaboration,” said CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg. “As designers, creativity is our best gift, and with the generous support of Neiman Marcus and Target, we are happy to have created specially designed products as a thank you to share with our consumers and friends.”

You said it Diane.